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Technology Consultancy

We don’t fit technology over the processes. First, we understand the processes and the business requirements, then we advise you with the best industry standards using SAP ERP systems. After closely examining the related areas, do we then introduce technology efficient and technology capable solutions which equip your organization to evolve with the changing market trends, adapt faster than your competition, access better and big data sorted to give you business insight, close the gap between execution and strategy. This develops your organization to be agile, to have stronger consolidated decision-making ability, develop a robust analytical system that gives the measured lead to your business over your competition.

Technology consulting is about positioning your business within the market. Either you are within the crowd or your business is evolving and strategizing the next set of strategies. This is only possible when your CFO, CIO, management have better analytical technology to scan through the big data to arrive at decisions which reciprocate with higher market returns, expanded market share and higher productivity in newer markets.

Technology consulting is exploring the next. The next for your product, your teams, your business potential and your competition. Technology delivers you the comfort level which is necessary to prepare the depth of strategy on a 360-degree level.

Technology consulting with Biafotech empowers your Financials, speeds up logistics, controls your inventory movements, fuels your marketing footprint, boosts productivity on the factory floor, manages and streamlines your human capital – all of this with maximum transparency.

Alignment of your business departments gives you a strategic advantage and a larger playfield for the business to plan to take up the next opportunity.

This landscape integration with high-end technology measures the return on investment gives you maximum time savings, exponential growth, and improved customer service and quality.

Not technology, solutions!

Our locations

Lahore — 1st floor, C-31/10, Main Blvd, Lake City, Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Karachi — Office No. 803, 8th Floor, Business Center, 19/1A Shahra e Faisal, Block 6 PECHS Karachi, Pakistan

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